A complete range of “modern classic” furnishings that stand apart for the excellent quality workmanship, precious materials and refined details. Maxalto declares the value of “made in Italy” with unmistakable timeless elegance.


The New Harmony series, by Afra e Tobia Scarpa , 1979

From the iconic objects designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa to Antonio Citterio’s new interpretation of modernism, Maxalto has been following the evolution of high-end furniture design for more than 40 years. Founded in 1975 alongside B&B Italia, Maxalto soon developed a personal identity in the specialized production of artisan furniture. The brand’s research into form looks to the past, with a revisitation of classical styles. Afra and Tobia Scarpa were its first interpreters, designing a series of wooden furniture items through the use of rare, ancient production processes typical of cabinet and lute making. The result was extremely striking in its sculptural effect, as epitomized by the Africa chair (Artona collection).

Xilos table by Antonio Citterio

“I followed a theme when I designed the Maxalto collection, precisely the meaning of the bourgeois room and of the past century's tradition,” says Antonio Citterio. “Each piece tells of its function, celebrating a solid and reassuring ritual. The desk is a desk and nothing more, and its place is that of concentration.“. In 1993 Maxalto opened a new chapter, with Antonio Citterio becoming the sole author. His style draws inspiration from the beginning of the 20th century, referencing the typologies and expression of French design from the period between the two world wars. Classic themes with contemporary flair , “new classic” lifestyle. With the work of Antonio Citterio the Maxalto furniture has reached the point of embodying a catalogue of “modern neo-classics”. This is how Maxalto's stylistic traits are born, the landmark brand for interior décor.

Maxalto offers the perfect combination of sophisticated craftsmanship and advanced technology, it boasts a consolidated heritage of tradition, authenticity, and savoire-faire. The brand owes its success to a balanced blend of past and present, with classic yet contemporary furnishings that feature excellent materials, painstaking production techniques, exclusive details and customized solutions. Maxalto is designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio.

Maxalto is a brand of B&B Italia. 

“MASSA ALTO” The Excellence of details

Striving for the highest standards of quality in terms of materials and workmanship is the objective of excellence inherent in the brand’s very name. Indeed, Maxalto derives from the Venetian dialect terms “massa alto”, which means “the highest”. Wood is the foremost material, and a decision was made to call attention on all its characteristics, and to use them for the creation of details and in the quality of the finishes while preserving Brianza’s great heritage of craft technique and knowledge. Collection after collection, the constant quest for a different piece, a missing colour and a new material. The finishes range develops following a constant path of excellence and attention to detail and in craftsmanship.

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