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Design for People

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To ensure a thriving workplace that

guarantees fairness and inclusion as well as

generating value to communities around the world.

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Our people

We are actively engaged in creating an inclusive working environment where diversity can thrive, and in developing a powerful mindset that enables our employees enjoy exciting careers and realize their full potential.

We truly believe that a diverse workforce, supported by an inclusive and caring environment that respects and nurtures people, is a way to improve well-being and our business performance. 

Design Holding also intends to be a proactive actor in the communities of which it is a part through the establishment of partnerships that create long-term social value. 

“Feel free to push boundaries. There are no limits to your creativity in this transformational journey for our business. You have our full support to explore, create, and experiment… and succeed. Together, we can write the book that others will one day read.”

 Daniel Lalonde

CEO Design Holding

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The commitment we make to nurturing our people

We want each and every one of our employees to reach their full potential and achieve inspiring career journeys within our Group. To do this we seek to provide our employees with the essential tools and training to express their talents, from technical and creative abilities to managerial and interpersonal skills. We want our people to consider themselves as being in the optimal place to achieve their aspirations, by promoting internal mobility so that they constantly strive for better and perform at their best.

Creating a thriving and inclusive working environment is another key priority, so we have set targets at a Group level to ensure diversity and equity can be experienced at every level of our operations. We now have a dedicated project aimed at hiring new employees with different nationalities or backgrounds among our ESG goals, to increase both the diversity within our Brands as well as the feeling of inclusion and belonging that comes through increased internal representation and mobility.

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Our talents

We are looking for talented, engaged and passionate people, that make a difference and have the desire to shape the future of our business.

If you are creative, curious and interested in joining our Group, send us your application.

Design Holding is always looking for good talent.

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