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Built on a legacy of creating the highest quality luxury lighting, Louis Poulsen is the original house of light.


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Design to shape light.


Established in 1874, Louis Poulsen has a long-standing heritage working with world renowned Danish designers to design and produce iconic products. Their impressive product portfolio spans indoor, outdoor and architectural lighting, designed by both heritage designers such as Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton and Vilhelm Lauritzen, as well as leading contemporary designers such as Christian Flindt, Shoichi Uchiyama and Anne Boysen. With headquarters in Copenhagen and production facilities in Vejen, Denmark, Louis Poulsen stay close to their roots in Danish design, while having grown to become an internationally acclaimed luxury lighting Brand, with a global distribution network.

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When Poul Henningsen designed the iconic PH Artichoke for the Langelinje Pavillon restaurant in Copenhagen, in 1958, he opted for solid copper leaves with a pale rose coloured finish on the inside. This combination provided an exceptional warmth to the lamp's organic form and beautifully reflected the light. The PH Artichoke creates soft, glare-free illumination, with its complex design and structure ensuring that the light breaks and filters evenly into the room.

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PH Artichoke by Poul Henningsen


Louis Poulsen has always sought, not only to design lamps, but to shape light and create an atmosphere that makes people feel good, both indoors and outdoors. Their products provide exceptional light, that helps people to thrive in the space. 

City & Landscapes

Louis Poulsen's solutions for outdoor lighting are rooted in a deep knowledge of the demands of both city and landscape illumination, as well as an understanding of how to combine design and technology to create the optimal human experience.

Work, Learn, Play

Lighting isn't simply a question of aesthetics. It also has a direct impact on quality of life. In fact, the right lighting can significantly improve performance in the workplace, and in educational institutions. Lighting is becoming subject to ever greater requirements in terms of light quality, durability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. This is in complete alignment with Louis Poulsen's philosophy of light, which aims to provide exceptional lighting for all tasks.

Hospitality & Leisure 

Providing guests with a sense of warmth and a welcoming environment is a refined art in the hospitality industry. Creating a comfortable environment is the starting point for great experiences, and the right lighting contributes significantly to the ambience.

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The Royal Library Reading Hall, Copenhagen


Building on a strong design tradition, Louis Poulsen aspires to always exceed expectations, by delivering long-lasting and iconic designs that shape light for people and spaces. They endeavour to create a world with only exceptional light and are committed to creating spaces for people to thrive in, while reducing their environmental impact.

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