Kitchen design is based on questions affected by simple, concrete factors that are however extraordinarily important because they are amplified by continual repetition, day after day. (Antonio Citterio)

The Arclinea story stars the product and the people who have dreamt, thought, designed, produced and used it. A story that comes alive along a path of values that have generated, and still generate, excellence. A story that is, of all these values, the cornerstone.

Founded in 1925 by Silvio Fortuna Senior, in 1960 the company emerged in a more industrial mode as Arclinea. In the early 80’s Arclinea began working with designers from outside of the company and in the late ‘90s Antonio Citterio became the sole designer of reference. With him Arclinea created innovative designs that became real ‘icons’: the relationship between Arclinea and Antonio Citterio progressed with a view to ‘total quality’. Choosing to produce strictly in Italy, Arclinea created a special and unique method to imagine, design, and build the best kitchens.

Today Arclinea is a prestigious international brand, the perfect ambassador of Made in Italy in the world and operates in both retail and contract with the divisions: residential, hospitality, marine. Since 2016 Arclinea has been part of B&B Italia Group, a leading group in high-end design furnishings.

The value of excellence

Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is the most complex and fascinating, the place where cuisine and conviviality, high-performance materials and cutting-edge technologies all merge into one. The Arclinea response to this complexity has always been to marry technical and practical precision, the innovation of shape with that of space: producing not only equipment and furnishings, but also a new concept for cooking and living spaces. Arclinea innovations anticipate the evolution of cooking spaces, and all at the service of a design approach that embraces change, with which Arclinea intends to keep alive the great Italian tradition, reworked thanks to more precise design of functions, materials, shapes and everyday living spaces. Arclinea is the culture of design, in your kitchen.

The Arclinea Collection is designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio.

Short history

The company was set up in Caldogno, Vicenza, in 1925. The founder, Silvio Fortuna Senior, resumed the business started by his great-grandfather in 1816: an artisan laboratory specialising in wood-working, with a vocation for quality. In 1960 the company became “Arclinea Cucine Componibili”, where Arc stands for Arredamento Razionale Componibile (Rational Modular Furniture). Arclinea shifted towards series production, dedicating all its production energy to kitchen furnishings. Today Arclinea is a prestigious famous brand with selected specialist sales points worldwide.

Basing its combination of tradition and innovation on the criteria of functions, Arclinea has modified the kitchen, in time transforming it into a space for living, cooking and sharing. This analysis has made way for the Arclinea Collection, with evolved design concepts based on conviviality and services: for customized, multifunctional kitchen layouts. Arclinea has also offered ‘professional’ kitchens: rational and welcoming layouts for culinary schools. Exemplary, differentiated partnerships that seem almost to draw inspiration from Arclinea home kitchens for professional catering design. 

Arclinea Project Division

S-Trenue, © Park Wan-soon

Arclinea’s Project Division is operating in the Residential Construction, Hospitality and Marine Industry sector. Taking into account the design concept and the required standards of quality, Arclinea Project Division provides its clients with suggestions, solutions, alternative ideas aimed at value engineering. This multi-step process, an integral part of the design stage of new developments and aimed at increasing value, is based on performance, quality, reliability, and safety.

As a leading manufacturer of top-of-the range kitchens, Arclinea dialogues through its Project Division for interior design in multi-residential units all over the world, with solutions that add real value to the property, generating real benefit and growing the competitive level of the unit itself.  

Key Figures

  • 1.250+

    Furniture Units/week

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  • 200+

    dealers worldwide