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Ethics and business conduct

Group Code of Ethics

The Group Code of Ethics is designed to reflect our Brands’ and our own core values in our mission to beautify homes and public spaces, and to guide us as an ethical and practical compass in the achievement of our daily goals. As such, this Code of Ethics applies to all aspects of, and to all the subjects involved in, our Group’s activities, irrespective of their nationality, location, position or seniority in the business.

The Code of Ethics is applied in all countries in which the Group companies have corporate seat.

Code of Ethics

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The Code is also an integral part of the Organization, Management and Control Model adopted by Design Holding S.p.A. in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001

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Group Supplier Code of Conduct

The Group Supplier Code of Conduct establishes what we expect from our business partners as regards ethics, particularly in terms of respecting Human Rights and fundamental freedoms as well as environmental protection.

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Sustainability Policy

A sustainability policy outlines your commitment to practices and standards designed to promote environmentally and socially responsible operations.

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Design Holding has adopted an IT platform managed by a specialised third party that guarantees professionalism, discretion, and compliance with local laws that protect the privacy of the Whistleblower, of the Reported Person, of any third parties/witnesses mentioned, and of the events described in the document.

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Whistleblowing Policy

A policy providing workers with guidance on the procedure for making protected disclosures, and the personnel to whom they should be made.

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Ethical behavior has many dimensions. It’s about being honest, fair and transparent.

It extends to how we respect the environment, take on social responsibility, and support diversity and inclusion.


Daniel Lalonde

CEO Design Holding