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Design Holding acquires Designers Company.

Design Holding announces the signing of an agreement to acquire Designers Company.

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Design Holding has signed an agreement to acquire Designers Company, a Danish group that includes Brands such as Menu and by Lassen. Designers Company has a strong presence in the Northern European and US design market and offers a wide range of products including furniture, lighting and accessories, pioneering the new Nordic style. With an iconic portfolio of heritage design alongside diversified contemporary products, Designers Company serves a broad customer base, including the younger generation.

The acquisition will be performed by Design Holding using available resources at the group level.

Designers Company was formed with the acquisition of Menu, a Copenhagen-based company founded in 1978, producing a wide range of furniture, accessories and lighting products, before developing a heritage collection via the acquisition of the design company by Lassen. In addition to these Brands, the company holds all rights to a unique portfolio of products created by heritage designers such as Ib Kofod-Larsen, Arthur Umanoff, Mogens Lassen and Flemming Lassen, as well as Vilhem Lauritzen. Today, Designers Company boasts a significant archive of over 2,000 heritage products and has a strong e-commerce presence.

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Designers Company relies on an experienced management team led by the CEO Danny Feltmann - he has previously occupied senior leadership roles at in Bang & Olufsen and H&M - and the designer director Joachim Engell-Hansen.