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Can Design Holding become the LVMH of home?

Design Holding's CEO, Daniel Lalonde, recently appeared on the Business of Home podcast to discuss Design Holding’s company strategy and plans for the future. The Business of Home podcast is a popular podcast that focuses on the business side of the home and design industry, including interior design, furniture, and home decor. Hosted by Dennis Scully, the podcast features interviews with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts who share their insights and experiences on a variety of topics related to the home industry.

Daniel Lalonde_portrait
The Business of Home

In the interview, Lalonde touches on a variety of topics, including making Design Holding the next LVMH of the home sector and the importance of heritage in luxury design brands. As a multi-brand group, Design Holding is able to maintain the individual identities of Brands while still reaping the benefits of being part of a larger organization. Lalonde discusses how this strategy has been successful for the company and how it allows Design Holding to expand in regions like China and North America, to share resources and technologies and to create more value.

Another important aspect of Design Holding's strategy is understanding current and future consumer segments. Lalonde emphasized the importance of getting to know the customer as well as the challenges that come with serving a diverse and constantly evolving market. The importance of sustainability in design is also stressed, elaborating on the responsibility of companies like Design Holding to provide sustainable home solutions to customers and to reduce their environmental impact as was done with the total redesign of Mario Bellini’s Le Bambole for B&B Italia in 2022. 

Enjoy listening the podcats on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or read the article on The Business of Home website.